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Do you need a horse for patrolling large areas, whether densely populated or completely uninhabited? Want to provide express mail service in totally inaccessible terrain? Like to roam on horseback and the Czech Republic is too small for you? Need a vehicle replacement? Have to make the rounds to check on your cattle no matter the time of day, weather, or season? Then this is the horse you need!

Karachai horses will help you do the field work, bring wood from the forest, take the children to school, check on your cattle and take you down to the pub in the evening…

Karachai horses are extraordinarily intelligent and need some kind of meaningful activity for the sake of their mental and physical health. Karachais can also be successfully used in sports, of course. They also show their outstanding qualities as horses for hobby purposes. The main thing is that they get enough use and activity. Working with a Karachai will let you forget about your everyday worries and problems at work. Karachais will teach you to look at the world through their eyes. They will teach you the true meaning of speed and elegance and you will appreciate their very comfortable gaits. You will not have the need (or the time :-)) to watch nature documentaries on television. A Karachai is the very embodiment of the strength and energy of the wild. No terrain is too rough.

However, they require an upbringing and training that is sensitive but consistent – which applies to horses in general and to ours in particular. From a horse’s point of view, a logical training system is the quickest way to the desired goal. Rough treatment and a confused, illogical training system have no chance of success with these horses. They are truly masters of survival.

Why get horses from Chřebřany?

Besides the fact that we guarantee our horses’ pedigree verified and checked directly by Moscow State University, our horses also have the opportunity to grow and mature in a herd environment (we only sell foals in very extraordinary cases). They are really pure horses, who consider people as friends to whom they will gladly entrust their life. And horses like that in Europe are few and far between.

We do not breed nice-looking show horses with lousy health and even worse temperaments. Our goal is the same as in their home country: the endurance and stamina of a Carpathian combined with the temperament of the most intelligent Warmbloods. With the right treatment and care (meaning as little care as possible), Karachais are able to work up to a great age. “A horse for life” in reference to Karachais is not a cliché or a marketing gimmick – it’s just the truth.

The environment the horse lives in is also important. Outside its “working hours”, it needs appropriate pasture and another horse(s) for company. Careful, though – few breeds can compete with the metabolism of a Karachai. Where an average Warmblood would be starving, a Karachai gains weight. If you want to keep your horse in the stall most of the time and just take it out on weekends, when you have the time and inclination, then this is not the horse for you.